Why Abundance?

At Abundance we believe we offer a special value proposition:

  • Unique Perspectives: We have the courage to champion common-sense investing. The essence of our investment approach is to ‘be’ the market rather than ‘beat the market’, to keep cost low, and to take only the risks that you are compensated for and that match your personal risk capacity. Although the methodology is sophisticated, our strategy is simple to understand and its effectiveness has been validated by history.
  • Independent Advice: Unlike most Brokers, Banks, and “Investment Advisors” we do not have dual allegiances to our employers and our clients. As such, we do not have the tension of balancing competing interest: yours against ours. You’ll always know where we stand… and that is on your side.
  • Evidence-Based: Our quantitative investment methodology rests on the Nobel-Prize winning investment principals of Modern Portfolio theory, not on Wall Street trends. Our portfolios are globally diversified and designed to maximize return per unit of risk.
  • Fee-Only: Our fee structure is transparent. Our compensation is based upon an agreed fee. There are no hidden cost, sales loads, soft dollar arrangements, referral fees, or any other means of remuneration.
  • Fiduciary: We are legally and ethically obliged to put your interest ahead of our own. Period. This, unfortunately, is not the case with the vast majority of financial advisors.
  • Value Driven: Cost can have a very negative impact on returns. While cost can not be altogether avoided, cost can be effectively and efficiently managed. We are not only sensitive to cost in terms of the investment vehicles we use, but in the fees we charge. We strive to provide a great value via our service.
  • Tax-Efficient: We understand the destructive impact that unnecessary and ill-time taxes can have on your long-term returns. That is why we use primarily indexed-based investments that are extremely tax-efficient. In addition, we employ planning techniques that use tax-advantaged accounts and investments when appropriate. The result is a cohesive strategy structured to minimize the impact of taxes on your long-term investment returns.